Brushed geared dc wheelchair motor 270w*2 with electromagnetic brake sw-04

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brushed geared dc wheelchair motor DC 24V 270W*2

270W*2 brushed geared dc wheelchair robot motor with electromagentic brake



Style:Bruhed Gear

Brake:Electromagnetic brake EMB

Voltage:DC 24V


Power Rate:270w*2

Unit:pair,two sides

It can be used many project.


The brushed geared dc wheelchair motor including left and right side,The price meaning two motor.Its tooth is oblate,so that can save space.Our brushed geared dc wheelchair motor with electromagnetic brake can be used for power wheelchair.The brake performance of the brushed geared dc wheelchair motor is very good.The noise is low.The starting torque is strong.It is convenient to maintain and put in carbon brush.You can design the position of release clutch based on your requirement.The brushed geared dc wheelchair motor is parallel to the tire of power wheelchair.The brushed geared dc wheelchair motor is nearly to electric wheelchair geared motor(sw-02),the distinction is their size.


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